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Moove partners with Paua to develop the first end-to-end EV charging network app solution in the mobility industry


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Moove Charge: Plan, Locate, Charge and Pay
Moove Charge: Plan, Locate, Charge and Pay

Moove partners with Paua for single-access EV charging solutions for its customers 

  • Moove, Uber’s largest vehicle supply partner in EMEA, has partnered with Paua to launch Moove Charge™, the first end-to-end charge experience and complete EV charging network app solution in the mobility industry.
  •  Moove Charge™ removes a major barrier to EV transitioning for mobility entrepreneurs and simplifies their experience by providing access to the largest network of 6,600 slow, fast and ultrafast EV charge points across London.
  • The Moove Charge ™ interactive App allows users to locate charge points, display charge points compatible with their vehicle, show charge point availability in real-time, filter by charge speed, start and stop charging and have a wallet functionality for paying. 

Moove has partnered with Paua to develop the first end-to-end EV charging network app solution in the mobility industry. Leveraging Paua’s technology, Moove Charge™ will support Moove customers in their transition to electric vehicles by providing a simplified, all-in-one access solution to over 6,600 charge points in London without paying a hefty monthly subscription fee to multiple CPOs. Moove is driving forward the electrification of mobility in London, offering EVs at competitive rates to its customers and helping to improve the productivity of ride-hailing drivers through value-added services like Moove Charge™, which provides a cost saving of up to £340 per year, or approx. 12% of the average annual EV charging cost. 

The African-born company operates across 13 markets globally and launched in London, the first of its European cities in August with a 100% EV rent-to-buy model that provides access to brand new, zero-emission Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq vehicles with no upfront costs and a flat weekly fee. Moove recently raised £15m in debt financing and aims to scale to 10,000 EVs in London over the next three years. 

Moove and Paua announce this partnership on the eve of the inaugural Evening Standard’s Plug It In Summit run by the Evening Standard. The Summit seeks to highlight what more Londoners can do to go electric with their transport choices. It confronts the biggest roadblocks being faced ahead of 2030 and solving the supply issue of EVs is arguably the greatest challenge. The addition of a 100% EV ride-hailing fleet provides greater access to cleaner transportation and a cleaner environment for the city’s residents. 

London has a fast-growing network of EV charge points, however, these are operated by a fragmented market of charge point operators (CPOs) and suppliers. Furthermore, charging requires forward planning to locate charge points and account for charge time. This is even more pivotal for ride-hailing drivers where time lost can heavily impact their earning capacity. Crucial to drivers is the ability to access a vast network of rapid and fast chargers which is currently spread across over 25 separate CPOs, each with its own app making navigation of the supply landscape and access to charge points cumbersome. Inadequate visibility of the available charge points across different networks is often a source of frustration among new adopters of EVs . The Moove Charge ™ App has been designed specifically with these pain points in mind and facilitates a frictionless transition by providing easy location and ease of access to the largest network of slow, fast and ultrafast EV charge points across London. 

Charlotte Bailey, Head of Europe at Moove, stated “Moove is an impact-led company committed to the electrification of mobility. Our mission is to empower mobility entrepreneurs on ride-sharing, e-logistics and last-mile delivery platforms to be more productive and successful, and to achieve financial security. PAUA has been a fantastic partner in our mission to support our customers in their transition to EVs.” 

Niall Riddell, CEO & co-founder at Paua and a speaker at the Plug It In Summit stated “Soon Londoners will be able to select electric driven forms of transport for all their journeys from micro-mobility, private hire, busses and even their personal car. Providing a universal charging solution to enable this removes another barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles.” 


About Moove 

Moove is the world’s first mobility fintech and a global African-born mission-led business providing revenue-based vehicle financing and financial services to mobility entrepreneurs. By embedding its alternative credit scoring technology onto ride-hailing, e-logistics and instant delivery platforms, Moove uses proprietary performance and revenue analytics to underwrite loans to drivers that have previously been excluded from financial services. Backed by some of the world’s leading investors, Moove has raised over $200 million to date, scaled to 13 markets across 3 continents, and its customers have completed over 10 million trips in Moove-financed vehicles. With a commitment to ensuring at least 60% of its fleet is hybrid and electric vehicles and that 50% of its customers are women, Moove is a mission-led business that puts impact at the core of its growth. Moove was recently awarded the IFC’s Annual Corporate Award as one of the top 20 most impactful and transformational projects, applying an innovative and scalable solution towards a global problem. 

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About Paua 

Paua operates the largest electric vehicle (EV) roaming network for business drivers in the UK, providing fleets with access to 20,000 public charge point connectors at 6,500 locations across the nation. Founded in 2021, Paua aims to solve the problem of EV charging for businesses through providing a single interface for organisations and fleets to pay for EV charging, obtain receipts and claim VAT refunds. Paua now counts over two dozen network partners with more coming live all the time. For further information contact

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