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Moove Launches "Driving Safely with Moove"


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Kenya Road Safety Awareness Program 2023 (25 × 18cm)small.png
Kenya Road Safety Awareness Program 2023 (25 × 18cm)small.png

Moove Launches "Driving Safely with Moove". A Road Safety Awareness and Skills Program across Sub-Saharan

Drivers across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) face numerous challenges while driving on the region's road network. Every year, African roads experience an alarming rate of road traffic collisions that could be prevented. Accidents may result from factors such as fragmented road infrastructure, traffic congestion, reckless driving behaviour, high pedestrian activity, poor road conditions, and inadequate enforcement of traffic laws.  Drivers in the gig economy must face these hazards daily & sometimes without the appropriate training. 

We believe that education on the risks and hazards of driving in these conditions can help prevent accidents and create a culture of safety that can have a long-term impact. To improve road safety, infrastructure development, traffic regulation, and medical assistance are essential, but they cannot alone change the road safety culture of the community. We have launched “Driving Safely with Moove”, a safety awareness and driver training program for Moove customers across SSA in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana, to help fill this gap. 

Understanding the Hazards on African Roads 

With over 14,000 road deaths a year, South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa estimates that road casualties cost the SA economy R147bn. Major cities suffer from heavy traffic congestion, which can escalate stress levels and increase the risk of accidents during passenger pickups and drop-offs. Irresponsible and unpredictable driving behaviours, including overspeeding, rule violations, and occupying wrong lanes, further contribute to the dangerous road environment. In major cities such as Lagos where rideshare services are popularised massively by tech-savvy people worried more about missing social media posts than arriving safely, massive traffic congestion can push already frayed nerves past breaking point. There are nearly 12,000 road traffic casualties each year on the roads of Lagos alone.

Importance of Driver Safety Training

“Driving Safely with Moove” in Kenya
“Driving Safely with Moove” in Kenya 

So how can Driver Safety Training play a critical role in mitigating the risks faced by ride-hailing drivers in Africa? 

Firstly, it provides additional skills such as defensive driving techniques and raises road safety awareness, equipping customers with the necessary skills and knowledge to better navigate the unique challenges of African roads. Secondly, to support our customers in the running of their businesses, driver road safety training emphasises passenger safety, which is paramount for mobility entrepreneurs where their service is built on trust and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, investing in driver safety training helps mitigate the risks and liability associated with road accidents. 

Empowering the Gig Economy Community

The "Driving Safely with Moove" program is a 360° training initiative that aims to educate Moove customers on road safety awareness and equip them with the life skills and knowledge to succeed and sustain financial security. With a comprehensive curriculum, the training covers six essential pillars: 

  • Safety and Accident 
  • Prevention
  • Incident Reporting
  • Your Moove Contract & Remittance
  • Driver Readiness
  • Mental Health 
  • Financial Management 

It is our hope that the impact of road safety awareness training extends beyond the safety and protection of their valuable assets. It provides our customers with life skills for strong mental health & financial management. In addition to technical driving skills, the course educates on legal comprehension and the protocol of incident reporting. It also offers a platform for customers to engage, ask questions, and share concerns they may have about driving safety and road regulations. By prioritising safety, we are empowering mobility entrepreneurs to become successful gig economy drivers while fostering a safer and more responsible driving community. 

Nigeria Road Safety Awareness Program 2023:2.png
“Driving Safely with Moove” in Nigeria

Regulatory Compliance

Lastly, offering driver safety training ensures regulatory compliance. Many African countries have regulations in place to safeguard commercial drivers and passengers. By ensuring they have the knowledge and deeper understanding of these complex and diverse regulations, together we can minimise unnecessary operational disruptions & positively shape regulatory compliance within the industry.


We remain determined to create safer roads through smarter traffic decisions guided by expert navigators' education on best-practice safe-driving habits. We envision a future where safety is ingrained in every Moove customer’s mindset, repair costs are minimised and accidents are mitigated as much as possible. Through these efforts, we hope to create a safer and more responsible driving community and through the creation of sustainable employment opportunities for our customers, promote financial inclusion. 

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers. By integrating a comprehensive training program into the ecosystem of added value for our customers, we strive to empower Mobility Entrepreneurs beyond their tenure with Moove. Education about safety, incident reporting, contract familiarisation, remittance, mental health, and financial management gives our customers even greater scope to continue as successful mobility entrepreneurs and abiding success. 

Together, we can drive a culture of road safety and pave the way for a successful and sustainable future on the roads.


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