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IWD reflections


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To end our International Women’s Day celebrations, we held a Fireside Chat on Friday, March 11th. Our own Ammar Naqv, Chief Technology Officer, Taiwo Judah-Ajayi, Chief People Officer, Tingting Peng, Head of Capital, ESG and Communications, and Tuvia Rosenthal, Chief Product Officer, led the panel and the conversation was moderated by Tomi Samo – Head of People Engagement and Culture. Lessons learned from the general discussion centred on workplace challenges for women, and solutions.

Discussions opened with gender disparities in technology and how to help women advance were discussed. Ammar defined mentorship and sponsorship as ways of providing visibility and inspiration for women in the workplace. He suggested that the chosen resolution to gender disparity must be accompanied by a desire to learn, work hard, and help close the gap from all parties involved.

TJ discussed how Moove is actively raising awareness and communication within the organisation and the larger community and our commitments to creating a balanced work environment and removing career uncertainty for women at Moove

Wider professional networks were of great importance to Tingting. She urged women to engage in cross-sector and cross-horizontal collaboration to expand opportunities, in and amongst themselves.

The challenges women face in the workplace were discussed by Tuvia. Beyond providing work-from-home equipment, he highlighted that it includes facilities for childcare, health, and other personal concerns. He also addressed issues such as imposter syndrome, gender bias, and perception bias that affect women in the workplace

TJ and Tingting elaborated on how Moove has and can support work-life balance. You risk spreading yourself thin by trying to be present in all spheres of development, they said. Tingting reminded women that prioritising certain areas was fine, but not at the expense of others. “You can have it all, but not at the same time,” she quoted a speaker at an event she attended.

Beyond avoiding echo chambers, we were advised to think about both internal and external network expansion. TJ helped us identify our performance currency and relayed the importance of converting it to our relationship currency.

The event raised significant awareness, sparked innovative ideas, and demonstrated that the minds at Moove are committed to improving the work environment for women. We’re excited to see how they manifest and are culturally integrated at Moove.

Here are ways in which we can ALL keep the conversation going and #BreaktheBias:

  • Moove: Increase budget and training availability to women in the workplace
  • Men: Work as allies and dismantle Boy’s clubs in the workplace
  • Women: Network internally and externally to build a wider community
  • Everyone: Read! (Recommended authors include Carla Harris, Kim Scott and Sheryl Sandberg)

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