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Moove Launches Vehicle Advertising


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Moove launches Vehicle Advertising in India
Moove launches Vehicle Advertising in India

Moove Launches Vehicle Advertising 

How Advertising Revenue Empowers Our Customers

In today's economy, ride-hailing services have become a vital source of income for countless individuals around the world. Drivers for logistics solutions on ride-hailing and last-minute delivery platforms often face financial challenges due to limited access to traditional banking services, which can restrict their economic growth and stability. 

As a mission-led company, we are focused on democratising access to financial services for gig workers globally, empowering them to achieve financial security. We aim to give our customers access to affordable vehicle financing while creating job opportunities to enable a new generation of mobility entrepreneurs. Alongside our revenue-based financing solutions, we are developing an ecosystem of value-added products that include comprehensive Asset Insurance, Free Vehicle Servicing, and Health Insurance that also covers partners and 2 dependants. 

We are proud to be rolling out Vehicle Advertising in South Africa, Ghana and India, which will allow our customers to leverage the power of the exposure that their vehicles receive to draw an additional income stream. 

We understand the value of a symbiotic partnership between Moove, our loyal customers, and advertisers. Such a partnership will not only empower our customers and enhance their earning potential but also contribute to the growth of local businesses, and ultimately boost the economic prosperity of Ghana. With the help of this innovative vehicle advertising strategy, every journey with Moove will transform into an avenue for success and mutual benefit and we appreciate the trust and patronage that our customers bestow upon us.

Jephthah Datsomor, Country Manager, Ghana

The recent introduction of advertising on our customer's vehicles, alongside our revenue-based financing, brings forth a new avenue of income that holds immense significance for those who often find themselves underbanked. Let’s explore the reasons why this added stream of income is so significant for Moove's customers:

Access to Banking Services

Underbanked individuals often face challenges when it comes to accessing traditional banking services, such as opening a bank account or obtaining credit. These limitations can hinder their ability to save, access loans, or build a credit history. However, with the introduction of advertising revenue, Moove customers can receive an additional income stream through our digital payment platform, The Moove App and Wallet. This allows them to receive payments directly, effectively providing a banking alternative and expanding their financial options.

Increased Financial Stability

For many ride-hailing drivers who face such limited access to the financing flexibilities offered by traditional financial services, long-term financial stability is an ongoing concern. By incorporating advertising on their vehicles, Moove customers can generate an additional income stream that supplements their earnings from passenger fares. This diversification of income sources provides a safety net against fluctuating passenger demand, surge pricing, or other factors that can impact a driver's earnings. The revenue generated from advertising helps to stabilise their income, offering a greater degree of financial security.

"We are immensely proud to launch the road safety awareness program in South Africa, which reflects Moove’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of safe and responsible driving. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of education and awareness to transform our roads and protect lives. With this program, we aim to equip every Moove customer with the knowledge and skills to drive responsibly and make informed decisions on the road."

Warren Peters, Country Manager, South Africa 

Overcoming Income Disparities

The income disparities faced by the underbanked population can exacerbate existing socioeconomic inequalities. By introducing advertising revenue, we hope to further reduce income inequality by enabling underbanked drivers to access additional sources of income that were previously out of reach. This financial inclusion helps bridge the gap between underbanked individuals and the broader economy, fostering a more equitable society.

What does vehicle advertising offer 3rd party businesses

So why is vehicle advertising a prime advertising opportunity for businesses? The allure lies in its ability to connect with potential customers through the various touch points that vehicle advertising offers. 

First and foremost, internal and cabin advertising provides an exceptional opportunity to engage with an audience. Picture this: each vehicle completes around 50 trips per week, with an average trip duration of 40 minutes in a Moove vehicle. This means that during these commutes, passengers are focused on the space around them, making them a receptive audience for each message. It's a unique chance to capture their attention and leave a lasting impression.

What truly sets vehicle advertising apart is the diverse range of passenger profiles it caters to. With every trip, businesses gain exposure to multiple demographics, broadening their reach and potential customer base. Consider that approximately 2.4 people accompany each trip—this translates into an astounding number of brand-specific impressions per week. This only adds to the public exposure the brand receives as the vehicle traverses the cityscape on a daily basis.

"Vehicle Advertising offers companies a dynamic medium to promote brand awareness and showcase products or services to a diverse city audience. With Moove vehicles spending an average of 10-12 hours on the road daily, our advertising clients benefit from excellent exposure and brand recall. In India, Moove has quickly established an impressive client base, and we are confident that this new revenue stream will significantly empower our customers in their pursuit of financial security." 

Binod Mishra, Regional General Manager, India & South Asia

In essence, vehicle advertising provides an unbeatable platform for businesses to showcase their products or services. It offers the attention of a focused audience and a vast range of potential customers from diverse backgrounds. The sheer number of impressions generated each week is a testament to the immense reach and impact this form of advertising can achieve.

Hassle-free revenue sharing.

By handling all aspects of advertising, including dealing with advertisers, managing terms and conditions, placing and removing ads, facilitating payments, and depositing revenue shares directly into the customer's bank account, we have simplified the process of generating extra income for our customers. Various advertising options are offered ranging from door branding and internal seat-back posters to entire vehicle wraps and sampling is available. With the range of advertising options, we are able to accommodate a vast range of services and products ensuring a solid pipeline of advertisements and a consistent revenue stream.

The integration of advertising onto Moove financed vehicles, accompanied by our revenue-based financing, holds immense importance for our customers in today's economy. It offers increased financial stability, access to banking services, and a means to overcome income disparities. Furthermore, it promotes professional development, enabling drivers to enhance and broaden their economic horizons. By harnessing the potential of advertising revenue, we aim to play a pivotal role in empowering underbanked individuals and creating pathways to financial inclusion and economic growth.

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