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Moove customers in Ghana celebrate ownership of their vehicles


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Moove in Ghana achieves 2 million trips in Moove financed vehicles
Moove in Ghana achieves 2 million trips in Moove financed vehicles

This month, we joined our Ghana cohort of customers to celebrate their successful completion of tenure and ownership of their vehicle. The festivities took place at Moove's office in Accra and included our customers (riders and drivers) and their families. This coincided with Moove Ghana having passed the remarkable milestone of 2 million trips in Moove financed vehicles. 

Ghana graduations mar 23.jpgAt the ceremony that lasted for an hour, we awarded end-of-tenure certificates and gifts to express our sincere gratitude to our hardworking and dedicated customers. One customer was unable to attend and his mother attended on his behalf and delivered a very moving speech.

“Brothers, this thing you can achieve, it's real!”

Watch the celebrations below, and hear from our customers about how they feel about taking ownership of their vehicles!

It's a moment of great pride for Moove and our customers. Vehicle ownership in Ghana is very low at around 46 vehicles per 1000 people 

compared to 640 cars per 1000 in Europe and 816 in the U.S

Less than 5% of new cars in Africa are purchased with financing compared to 92% in Europe. 

The high cost of new vehicles and the limited availability of loans lead to a higher demand for used vehicles. As a result, these factors make it difficult for most Ghanaians to afford vehicle ownership.

Congratulations Moovers and keep #Moovin !

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