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Moove recognised at the fifth South African Investment Conference (SAIC)


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The fifth South Africa Investment Conference (SAIC) in Johannesburg
The fifth South Africa Investment Conference (SAIC) in Johannesburg

On Thursday 13th April 2023, Moove attended the fifth South Africa Investment Conference (SAIC) in Johannesburg, which was hosted by the South African government.

President Ramaphosa convened the conference with an objective of achieving R1.2 trillion in investor targets over the five year period. It was confirmed that this target was exceeded, having achieved R1.5 trillion. These investments have and will result in new factories, call centres, solar power plants, undersea fibre optic cables, expansion of production lines and adoption of new technologies, amongst others.

Moove pledged R248 Million of investment, which will add thousands of jobs to the already thousands created through the Moove platform in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Moove is committed to working with the Government to improve mobility in South Africa. By connecting mobility entrepreneurs to ride-hailing, e-logistics and instant delivery marketplaces, and providing health and life insurance to its customers, the company will improve mobility and contribute to the country’s national goals of socio-economic development to reduce poverty and address inequality.

Warren Peters, Moove’s South Africa Country Manager, said
 “The South African Government noted the issues facing the country and assured investors that there is a robust plan in place to address these issues and rebuild the country.

“South Africa has huge potential, and it is clear that other businesses felt the same way as we do, as they collectively pledged investments in the various sectors, exceeding the targeted amount.

“We look forward to working with the Government to deliver on economic value creation for the country."

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